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... Thank you!

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I sat down to write some thank you letters (emails!) and realized just how much had gone on in my final weeks in Toronto .... 

a Surprise party at Carbon Bar ... 

a successful pop-up and video premiere party. 

a #TURNUP at Orchid nightclub 

and a house party at my parent's house featuring just about everyone I’ve ever known, (family, friends, neighbours) that also went to the wee hours! 


Some of my friends made it to all these (and I love you for it!), others only made it to some (you too are loved) and then there were those that didn’t come to any (and you ... are dead to me! jk

More than all the generous gifts and just showing up what I realized in the whirlwind that was those final weeks - is how truly blessed I am to be surrounded by such amazing and supportive people. 

There were those that donated their time or skills to assist me, The friends that weren't sure of my vision but trusted me anyway, the ones that planned secret surprises or special one-on-one nights and those that generously gave so that my move could be that much more comfortable. 

at each of the above affairs ... at least one or two people would turn to me and say “wow  Tyler ... all these people for you...’ or “you are loved”.

I always found myself humbly surprised by just the sheer turn out. As an artist (or anyone who's had a birthday party) there is always that moment before the doors open where you wonder,

"is anyone going to show up?"  

"will they like it?" 

"is this good enough?"

"am I good enough?"

I have felt this strange emotion before any fashion show or event I've participated in. The night before I find myself wishing I hadn't invited anyone - and the day of I find myself wondering why I didn't invite more people! 

With all the events and long nights it was certainly overwhelming ... and a little scary to think that in London - I would not have this large a support network or that I’d essentially be starting over. 

In the end, I realized that thank you letters and phone calls could only go so far to show my gratitude for all the generosity - the true gift would be going away and proving them all right. 


- TK 

I took my camera out for a boozy spin at all these events (except of course my surprise party! so there's no pics of that)

 below are some of my beautiful friends and family <3