judging a book // sharing work

They say a creative's mind is never truly at rest. Our eyes are always on the lookout for inspiration , our minds always at work on a design solution whether subconsciously or can't-think-of-anything-else consciously. 

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a store opening and while my attention should have been on the clothes and champagne - I could only focus on one thing. a book. 

there amidst neatly stacked piles of chambray shirts with jeweled necklines sat the book, Dancing with the Dark : Joan Snyder. 

I was instantly captured by the cover, it looked strikingly similar to my latest collection of breakdown printed silk scarves. 

It took everything in me not to drop my Greyhound and curl up on a couch to flip through the book. I passed by the book several times that night and  felt haunted by this artist I had never heard of, I'd only seen the cover of her book and knew I had to find out more, rather than planning to return to the store to thumb through the book I sent myself a text to purchase this book later. 

Later happened to be that very same night, sleepless and on amazon.com I ordered the book, along with Share you Work by: Austin Kleon (which had been on preorder since december). Thanks to my Amazon account and express shipping the books arrived monday morning. 

Joan's work is much more than traditional painting. her work employs paper, cloth, stitch and wood cuts. her colour palatte and spontaneous abstraction reminded me of much of my current work. It's always great when the universe conspires to bring you exactly what you need in that moment. backwards inspiration. validation. a green light. 

My second purchase  Share you Work by: Austin Kleon was just as inspiring and is the reason I decided to add the blog feature to my new website. Showing my work has become increasingly important as i prepare to graduate from textile design. through this blog I plan to share small snippets and inspirations .

welcome to Tyler Kenny's studio and sketchbook .

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All images via Joan Snyder