Tyler Kenny 


In the digital fashion age, consumers are inundated with new products, launches and collaborations daily. Not a day goes by I don’t open my email to find that Designer X has collaborated with Fast Fashion retailer B or that Designer Y is expanding into cosmetics and menswear. 

    While these “announcements” have begun to bore me - the select few who take us behind the scenes of their latest efforts are all that keep me interested. Seeing a moodboard, getting a behind the scenes glimpse of a campaign shoot , watching work take place in an atelier  or best yet stepping inside a designer's mind by visiting an exhibition are far more exciting to me.

Surely there are others who think like me?

With the oversaturation of "products" and commercialities I find myself amongst a growing group of those looking to spend both time and hard earned dollars (edit: Pounds!) on experiences as opposed to things, it seems even the biggest brands have taken note.

Chanel, Dior,Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada have all been pioneers in the experiential marketing side of fashion - with everything from travelling exhibitions, art foundations, philanthropic concerts- The message is clear; people want more than just bags and shoes!

Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibit, London. shot by : Tyler Kenny

^Pictured above is a collaged wall of campaign images found inside the Louis Vuitton Series 3 exhibit at the Strand (I had the chance to check out the exhibit as part of the POP! Magazine party and popped in another day for a closer look - more about this later)... with the exception of a cafe/ restaurant there were no LV products for sale at the gallery space... some might call this an odd choice - but I think it was bloody brilliant - entice your customers and fans with an awe-inspiring exhibit, hand them a free poster.... and invite them to explore more by visiting one their 3 London locations. 

It's 2015 and people want to feel something! 

With this in mind and on a quest to find some kindred fashion souls, I created the “Le Journal” section of my site. Originally titled “sketchbook” it is here that readers get a chance to see what’s on my  moodboard, upcoming projects (including the cutting room floor and those that never came to fruition) and take a look at what other artists are inspiring me.

In addition, I’ll be including some highlights I’ve worked on for other outlets, the occasional outfit post (gasp!) and of course updates from my new home in one of the world's fashion and culture capitals: London! 

Welcome to Le Journal  ...