If 2016 was "The Year of Realising Things" ... then I declare 2017 "The Year of Doing Things" , I have Kylie Jenner to thank for that one and PROMISE this will be the first and last reference to that family here on TylerKenny.com

I started off 2016 with a post entitled "New Year - Same me" , and while it's pretty much the same motto this year - I realize that content is key and you'd probably catch on if I just copied and pasted last year's "faux-resolution". It's worth a read though if you are looking for that extra push to keep doing you! 

For the first time in many years, I didn't spend the days leading up to New Year's reflecting too heavily on the past or looking for closure in any area of my life. I suppose I was too busy thinking ahead to look back. 2016 was a huge year for me, I now feel fully immersed in the #LondonLife , I've gotten the chance to work with some amazing brands,  and even had some of my personal heros find and follow me on instagram. (Ahh the power of instagram!). Each day I am truly amazed by what Instagram's has brought to myself and those around me, I'm able to keep up-to-date with family back home and have connected with some truly inspirational designers and brands on the gram too! But this post is about looking ahead, not another sappy reflection on 2016. In the spirit of tomorrow, and "Doing Things" in 2017 I present my 2 point manifesto. 


1) Don't Procrastinate 

Time waits for no one. My Mother always tells me, "Be Where You Need to Be." And it's finally starting to make sense. Don't spend a minute or a dollar, somewhere you don't want to be - with people you don't like. Take Chances. Buy a Solo ticket and enjoy the show. Procrastination leads to regret, so combine impulse with strategy and visualize your future reality. 


2) Share What You Do 

I'm in the business of "sharing", so this point should come as no surprise. In 2017, I plan to share even more and am looking forward to seeing what my family and friends are sharing too! By being generous with one's sharing - you'll allow others to live vicariously and vice versa. Not everyone can go exploring and through the power of social media - you can experience exponentially more. 

There are even a few friends I've been urging to create blogs/online spaces, so I'm eager to see the fruits of their labour and individual passions. 


What's first on your TO-DO list for 2017? comment below and let me know :) 

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