Blundstone's Pop-Up Covent Garden
Blundstone Tyler Kenny

January came to a close with a blitz of events and pop-ups in London. One day, in particular, stood out as I found myself triple-booked. In celebration of Australia Day and armed with a fresh pair of Blundstone boots, I planned my night (down to the minute) with the same determination one might plan a trek through the mountains with.  From after work drinks in Clerkenwell to a launch event in Shoreditch, followed by the Blundstone Pop-up in Covent Garden and wrapping the night up with an intimate media dinner in Mayfair. Suffice to say I covered my share of postcodes in one evening. 

One of the highlights of the evening was the new dedicated Blundstone pop up store in Covent Garden. The store represents a fashionable step forward for the brand which began in 1870 as a humble but tough quality boot. With a colour palette inspired by the wild landscape of Tasmania, the boots have easily transitioned from country to city. As I quickly discovered on my unguided tour of London. Last summer I put my own spin on the Blundstone boot with a festival moment, you can read about here.



This season Blundstone has put their own contemporary twist on the workwear classic with updated and eye-catching colour combos, scrolling through the collection I landed on an unexpected combo, but one I often turn to and blue. In the past a combination like this would be frowned upon, but in luxe leather and electric blue it's sure to turn heads. As I witnessed firsthand the boots easily transition from the puddles of East London to a 2 star Michelin dinner in Mayfair. 

Stopping in the meantime at their new 600 sq ft store which serves as a peak into Blundstone's world. A blank slate of white walls is rounded out with sleek wooden shelves, elsewhere the city vs country element is played up with concrete accents and a floor to ceiling countryside landscape. Ferns and foliage in the store will make for the perfect 'Shoefie' instagram shot. 

The store located at 24 Neal Street, Covent Garden is open for the next 3 sure to pop by and check it out! 

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