A few weeks ago I was invited to Casper's launch in the UK, at the Vinyl Factory. 

Casper is one of the most awarded beds of the decade and is also the must have bed in Hollywood. Owned by stars including; Kylie Jenner, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher (the latter two loved the beds so much they even invested!). With an intro like that I wasted no time in getting a pyjama-inspired look ready, (unfortunately my two pyjama evening shirts are in storage in Canada!) With no time to ship the shirts, I went for a sleepy look in my decay print Christopher Kane shirt, H&M kimono jacket and drawstring trousers from Lanvin. Elasticated and belted (with comfy Nike trainers) were as close to pyjamas as one can reasonably go when eventing. 


The party was exactly like that episode of Sex & The City as one would imagine, you know the one where they go to club "Bed". As in the crowd included a "who's who" of the London fashion and arts scene all lounging on bedas while sipping cocktails. We were also treated to a 'Breakfast in Bed' style buffet and passed canapés. 


"Casper can do for sleep - what Nike did for sports" - Forbes



It was  a great evening, where we got to bed bounce, chat with the Casper founders and just generally have a good time. I also had one of those temporary "I've made it moments" when a frantic PR ran up to me with a clipboard and my face on it, and asked if she could pull me aside for some photos. My 15 minutes of fame were fleeting however, as for all the pics snapped I've seen about one surface. ha ha! The casper beds were super comfy to lounge on for the party - so I can only imagine what a full night's sleep on one would be like! 

Check out some pics from the event below... 

Images via Casper UK