Daily Dispatch : Neoprene Kimono Sweatshirt by Valentino

There is nothing like a continuous stream of dreary London days to make you long for even more grey. Despite the fact that we are now well into July, getting cozy is all that's on my mind. In fact, I've even had the heat on in my flat a few nights this week. The silver (or gray?) lining this year is that the cold weather has aligned itself perfectly with sale season. Which means you can shop this Valentino sweatshirt for 40% off.

Image via OKI-NI    

Image via OKI-NI 


Crafted from the finest neoprene and made in Italy, it features a boxy fit and molds to your body as you move. I have a neoprene sweater in black from a few seasons back that looks great on its own when worn casually or layered with a dress shirt for a smart evening alternative. 

This one gets an update in the form of a kimono cut and outside seam details. The kimono style means it is cut from only two pieces as opposed to four (1 for each sleeve,1 for the front and 1 for the back). This also adds to the boxy silhouette which will sit slightly away from your body 

You can shop the sweatshirt from OKI-NI here