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The AONO Barbershop

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Fresh & Clean

AONO Barbershop

Earlier this month I was invited down to the AONO Barbershop, for a complimentary cut. Situated on the bustling lower level of Harvey Nichols, I'd passed by the lacquered wood and slate-floored space many times - so when the opportunity arose I jumped at the chance. Long overdue for a haircut, I was excited to head down after work on a Friday to get a fresh fade.

Neatly tucked away in a serene corner of Knightsbridge's premier menswear destination the AONO Barbershop offers good chat and good cut without all the pretense generally associated with a barber/salon inside a luxury shop. It felt as relaxing and welcoming as I do in £20 shop up the road - except the cut was meticulous and clearly the work of an expert in the field.

The overall experience was as premium as one would expect from one of the top department stores in London. Service with a smile and a cocktail, coffee or beer upon arrival... it didn't take long for me to consider turning AONO into my regular.

Also worth noting was the in-depth talk of which products were best for my hair and skin.

I'll definitely be back!