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Infinity and Beyond

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or the Art of Packing... 

I'll be the first to admit I am a huge procrastinator (My CV reads: I excel under pressure) 

 Packing a suitcase is no different. No matter the occasion I always find myself in a sea of clothes (the floor of my room barely visible) packing the night before or well into the wee hours before take-off. 

I took 3 overweight suitcases and had some stuff sent over when I moved to London, and now a few months later I was packing again. 

Packing to head home (from my new home) for the holidays was no different. The only word I could think of to describe it was 'Reductive'. But I promise that's where the Madonna references end. I will not be returning home with a British accent this Christmas. 

It was strange sifting through my London wardrobe to head home, I was now in a "grey-area" as even border patrol weren't sure which lane to put me in. 

was I resident? or a visitor? and exactly HOW much had I spent on luxury goods in 3 months? 


My airport style is simple, I opt for more quiet luxury and pack away anything heavily logo-ed so as to avoid being a target for endless rounds of questioning!  I also try and pack luggage that will stand out amongst the others on the luggage carousel. When I first laid eyes on this Samsonite Star Wars luggage at a preview in September I knew that even though it was black it would surely be the only Darth Vader bag at Heathrow. 

Full disclosure this is likely as close to Star Wars as I'll ever get, as a child I was forced to sit through the entire trilogy in theatres for a friends birthday, WITHOUT popcorn, a drink or being allowed to go the bathroom. I left that theatre with my Star Wars fix forever. I do love the impact it's had on fashion and enjoy the chance to see Lupita in all her red-carpet glory. 

You'll note that my knowledge of Star Wars extends far enough to know that this post's title is instead a reference to Toy Story. But Hey, a cool bag is a cool a bag! 

Without further adieu my packing tips... 

I won't bore you the basics (pack your underwear + socks in your shoes to save room.)

1. Plan a Capsule wardrobe. pack only your favourite pieces (in separate bags in case one gets delayed or LOST!). I'm not one of those people who plan outfits in advance, so I just make sure to pack 3 top options for every bottom. For this trip it was all about printed trousers, black and grey denim, and a few cashmere pullovers and tees. 

2. You get to be whomever you want on vacation. Always wanted to try a daring print on print combo or that runway piece that is just a little TOO much? Pack it. wear it. You'll likely never see the same faces, so take the chance to try out something a little off-book. Your instagram feed will thank you for it. 

3. Be Wrinkle and Worry Free.Pack items you can roll up, or pull out of your suitcase and throw on. You don't want to be worrying about a steamer or iron while you're on the go. If you absolutely must steam those silk pants - hang them up and turn your shower to it's hottest setting. close the door and go about your routine. In 15 minutes you'll have wrinkle free party ready pants. 

4. Wherever possible, travel with only hand luggage. You'll save time rolling directly off the plane and avoid any chance of lost or damaged luggage. You'd be surprised, what you can fit in a roll-on luggage, and 2 additional small bags. I always double check with the individual airline and then push it to the limit. My Samsonite roll-on luggage, a leather backpack, a snakeskin tote and a Bottega Veneta clutch that holds travel documents have been my go-to's lately. 

5. Lastly and most practically - pack versatile pieces. Innerwear as outerwear. Heavy shirt jackets (shackets!) that can do double duty and reversible pieces to extend the wardrobe. I packed two reversible bombers and that's equated to four different jackets while I'm home for the holidays in not-so-chilly Canada!


You can purchase your own Darth Vader luggage on Samsonite's website