Late But Worth The Wait

Late but Worth the Wait

The Tyler Kenny biography


It seems I’m always swimming upstream. Going left when others turn right. Running up the DOWN escalator. In keeping with my last post, I bring you another example of unintentionally going against the grain. All black for summer? now that’s truly groundbreaking
Keep the look less goth and more Rive-Gauche with loose and luxe elements. An oversize camp collared shirt get tucked into reverse seam denim- whilst a burgundy Lanvin belt breaks up all that black. Open weave Nike Mayfly (my summer faves!) add to the airiness. Topped off with a Stenson hat, Drake’s of London neckerchief (for a bit of colour!) and half the jewellery I own… because I love to do the most. There you have it folks, summertime style with a little Je ne sais qoui!