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tyler kennyComment

This evening I had the pleasure of attending St. James' Church talk on the power of Design. Space, which merged a 17th-century church with cutting edge interior was all too familiar to me as I covered it's launch back in May for Clerkenwell design week here.  But it wasn't (entirely) the space or keynote speaker (and my fave interior product designer!), Tom Dixon giving a talk that inspired me to get out my pen and paper. It was the questions posed by the #TheChurch 's Vicar, Andrew Baughen. In between key speakers, he encouraged group discussion on topics which stemmed from legacy. 

He asked, "If you woke up tomorrow and didn't have to go to work ever again would you be happy with what you'd accomplished?'. He elaborated to say that whether you no longer needed the money, or doomsday had come or your life was ending... would you be happy with what you left behind? 

Later he asked, 'If ALL that you'd done in life was to be put on display in an art gallery, what moment would you choose to go in the lobby and attract viewers, and what moment(s) would you choose to go in a back corner or cupboard?'. 

I turned to my seatmates, and for the first time in a long time was speechless. What was my proudest moment? Of all the things I'd done, the crazy moments I've had and the places I'd been ... what would go at the front of "my exhibition" ? 

Even Tom Dixon seemed stumped at these questions. For a man so accomplished it was comforting to hear he believed he was far away from even starting on a "legacy". 

Perhaps it was the glasses of chardonnay drank in the back of a church - which felt sacrilegious but was totally encouraged, that really got me thinking.... what DID I want to leave behind? and Where is this all headed? When you're asked to reflect on a lifetime of moments, suddenly the little ones seem so insignificant. 


What will your legacy be?

Outfit pics by Rowben Lantion 

Interior photo by : Tyler Kenny

Wearing : Full look SS17 Antony Morato , Derby shoes -  Frank Wright , and glasses House of Holland.