A brief recap of Day 1


image by Ngadi Smart 

image by Ngadi Smart 


The Fashion ... 

Carrying on from NYFW, we saw an emphasis on floor-grazing lengths - for both coats and skirts. Coats are quickly becoming the new "it" statement maker, .Another big trend is the extra-long sweater (or jumper as they're known here) layered over skirts or loose pants. Prints, colour and touch-me textures are no stranger to LFW and this season was no different as designers like Felder Felder and Ryan Lo piled on the prints , shearling accents or in the case of Edeline Lee fringed flowers. London has always favoured the off-beat quirky style of the independent but I couldn't help but feel that this season the elongated sleeves, tea dresses + hoodies had more to do with look Vetements (and soon to be Balenciaga) have championed in recent seasons. 



The Drama... 

A computer glitch meant that some of my submitted paperwork was reading as incomplete. Apparently many other press, stylists and journalists who'd applied for accreditation had the same issue. Alas no one was notified so I showed up day one, only to be sent back home to retrieve the missing document. Missing the morning's on-site shows as a bummer - but i got the chance to check out some cool emerging designers off-site! Everything happens for a reason... 


The Parties... 

My previous post discussed the Grooming Room party (Click here to see the look + read about the party) , we also checked out Edil'en Lee's party hosted in collaboration with Selfridges. It took place at the Wellington Club in Mayfair where the crazy visuals, and neon lights paired perfectly with projected imagery from her presentation set! Signature cocktails comprised of gin & brandy had the fashion crowd dancing til the wee hours! c


The Talks

I had the chance to attend a cool talk presented by Amex on the rise of Independent Retailers and the future of fashion. Machine A's Anna Trevelyan and Stavros Karelis were the guest speakers - and they covered everything from merchandising rails with established & graduate designers, the importance of creative collectives and how to be "secretly commercial" when styling. 

The Look 

Preparing for my first day of LFW - I had one thing in mind when it came to my "look" ... comfort. Traipsing through Soho and to some off-site shows I knew I'd need a comfy pair of shoes... Lanvin to the rescue!  The essentials (show invites, portable charger, gloves, coconut water, business cards, etc) packed in my portfolio and high-low mix of all things grey with my trusty printed Dries pants as my hero piece. 

For the after parties (the first of which having red carpet arrivals) I opted for my black Lanvin tux jacket, with a printed Agi x Sam for Topman shirt. I wore a DIY black crown in my hair because Why not? 

The Line of the Day

My phone keeps autocorrecting "Door" to "Dior".