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Mother knows best ; surviving the London cold

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Mother knows best ; surviving the London cold


Or what to do when you've got no coat in London... 

When it comes to I told you so's there's no one person in your life who does it (without doing it) the best. I'm talking about Your momma! 

Throughout elementary, high school and post-secondary. Throughout every job I've ever had. 

My mother's intuition about friends, lovers and situations has always been spot on. However just like the old adage about burning your hand on the stove... no matter what she told me - I just had to experience it for myself.

I didn't want to believe that friend #243546 would turn out to be crazy. 

I couldn't fathom having my heartbroken on a tropical vacation. 

and I truly believed that if i stuck it out at workplace #29480 things would get better.

My mother knew otherwise, and I wish I'd listened. 


On my 5th day in London, being the people watcher/ street style observer that I am.. I noticed everyone in oversized, relaxed, "effortless" coats. Were they the trend of the season? or the uniform of Londoners? 

I had left all my topcoats in Canada with the plan that i'd collect them when I was home for Christmas. After trying on one or two (or 5) in the stores and realizing the fit (and Price) was way off,

. I sent my mom the kind of email most 25 year old men send their mothers when living abroad; 

Hello Mother, 
London is colder than anticipated and I need a formal coat to wear to interviews / out at night.
Please send the following and note style and colour; 
1) Club Monaco - Top coat - Camel
2) Comme Des Garcons - Peacoat - Black
3) Paul Smith - Top coat - Blue plaid. 
That should do for now! 
xo TK

her response came back rapid fire;

'Dear Tyler,
perhaps you can try an exercise in layering some of the "fall" coats you had to bring in your 3 suitcases.


And there you have it folks - the coats weren't coming -postage would be $100 per coat based on their weigh- and for that price I could buy a new entry-level coat. 

and once again my mother was right... just like the playground days.

maybe if I hadn't packed 5 fall coats - I would have had room for one winter coat...

My strategy for surviving the damp London cold was a simple one, luckily i'd invested and packed some basics (tees, sweaters + even button ups) in wool and cashmere. The cashmere tee and wool sweater pictured here became staples & my old faithful wool dress shirts from Club Monaco and Uniqlo made arriving places in only a jean jacket not feel like I was braving the polar vortex. Even out on weekends they transition easily from extra layer to grunge-y when tied around my waist.


Playing around in Dries Van Noten hightops, Zara denim, Ralph Lauren belt + Vintage sweater

What lessons did your momma teach you?