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New Year - Same Me

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It's January 4th, and for the past few days, we've been inundated with articles promising to turn our 2016 around. Selfies upon selfies with uplifting new year's quotes.

and...  if history has taught us anything - we don't need statistics to know that gym and online-dating signups are currently through the roof. 

if there's one thing history has taught me - it's that people don't change. Our personalities are fully formed at age 7 and our core is fixed over time and context.  With the exception of habits, little is going to change through resolution or reasoning.

 I decided to save myself 3 weeks of pretend resolutions and just make myself one promise... to be me to the fullest extent.




(^ and to never again include a compound error in my work) 

Before you set off trying to reinvent the wheel with a grocery list of resolutions consider that who you are is pretty great already. Resolve to do more of what you love on a grander scale. 


In my life, my work and online I promised myself to do only what I love and to do it with all that I could. 

More reading + writing

More research & moodboards.

More exhibitions, galleries and experiences.

More time spent where I want to be.

More time and less compromise with the people and places I spend my time.

More wearing what I want - where I want.

More mining the recesses of my closet as opposed to buying something new.

More home-cooked meals and experimentation in the kitchen. 

More one-on-one time with family and friends.

these were just the start of the many things I'd like to do more of.

As one of my dear friends so eloquently said to me years ago, "Tyler, you are a caricature of yourself!"

Whether in jest or earnest - It's stuck with me ever since.

If the caricature of me was ... "an  outspoken guy in mixed match prints who loves nothing more than a good steak, gin martini and spending time with his family and friends" ... than I'd take it!

I challenge you to buck tradition and spend 2016 + beyond, doing what you love - just being you! 

And if you MUST make a resolution, kick those dirty habits & vices! 

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