Onwards & Upwards

It's been one of those weeks. Despite the onset of sleep deprivation and a serious lack of 3 proper meals a day, I can't help but feel as though I'm sitting on top of the world.... but maybe that's got something to do with all the time I've been spending on roofs lately.

I'd like to chalk it up to spending the week doing what I love - spending time with friends, styling a magazine submission, writing runway reviews, and event hopping. Years ago I remember reading that "fashion" was a lifestyle and not a career. I used to think that meant always looking your best or constantly being asked to lend fashion tips (both of which are still true). Now I know it means, being "on" all the time, not imbibing at an event because you'll need to go home and write about it sober to make a deadline. Long hours and a 24/7 news cycle means your job (and fashion!) will be your entire life. 

There's that Stanley Tucci line from Devil Wears Prada, "when your entire life goes up in smoke, that means it's time for a promotion."

I suppose the most important thing I learned is that with your life consumed, you will have absolutely zero time (or patience) for things that don't please you. There was that buzzfeed type article circulating around that said the key to a life worth living, was remembering that "if something isn't a hell yeah - it's a hell no!"

Meaning if you are not truly feeling a situation it's time to GTFO! This week I put that into practice, full force. Getting out of situations before I was left with regret was the moda operandi , and it felt so good - I'll be sure to keep it going. 

Restaurant giving you weird pre-dinner vibes? walk out. why waste your time and money for a mediocre meal with sub par service. 

Photographer sending you 10+ emails a day and micro-managing you before the shoot has even taken place? Cancel in time for them to find a new creative director.  

Spent an afternoon with someone real boring? Head for the door and don't look back. 


It helps to surround yourself with friends who are also "Hell yeah or Hell No" people. I'm blessed to have a few good friends and recent Toronto transplant, Serena (aka Peach!) here in London. A constant source of inspiration and the kind of  person you can rely on to exit a shitty situation, en masse.  🍑


Of course, there'll always be situations we can't escape from - and I'm all for persevering with a smile. For all other times, exit gracefully and with your dignity still intact. Less you find your name listed in the credits for a project you'll never be putting on your CV or worse ... be forced to sit through another conversationless meal with "that-friend-you-never-really-liked-anyway"... 

In the spirit of doing what you love, I present to you a series of yours truly!  photographed by my friend  Jenny L

Shot above Fitzroy Square wearing COS + a Prada neckscarf and shoes.