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Police Watches 

X Justice League

In what may come as a surprise to some of you, I'm a huge comic book fan! Yes, you read that right - In my formative years I spent equal time perusing shopping malls as I did obscure corners of comic book stores. 

From the X-men, to Batman and everyone in between I've always had a special place for the heroes, gods and, misfits who get dressed up and save us mere mortals. From the early days in strikingly colored spandex to todays sleek black leather, superheroes have come a long way! And what would superheroes be without their accessories? Regardless of one's powers there is one thing all heroes need to be... on time! 

It's no secret that every year for the past ten years we've been given at least 2 blockbuster superhero movies of sorts - this year's is no different. Fresh of the summer success of Wonder Woman (Hello Gal Gadot!) comes the hotly anticipated Justice League. So hotly anticipated fact that I even managed to convince my bf to dress up as Superman and Batman with me for Halloween, (this is no Batman & Robin relationship, haha!).

With every blockbuster film comes the opportunity for merchandising - but in the case of the Police x Justice league watch this was not a simple case of slapping a Bat logo or shield onto an existing model. This is an example of true collaboration, a timepiece that's authentic to the brand, that's got appeal for everyone including dedicated DC fans!


This one-of-a-kind timepiece comes in antique stainless steel casing with a smoke-grey mineral glass cover. Black and gunmetal accents set off the dial, along with the Justice League logo and shield. The case back of the watch also displays the Justice League shield and the all-important individual watch number. A real collector's piece much like the original comic books as only 8,888 of these timepieces were released worldwide!

 I've been doing an abnormal amount of travel lately (albeit without the WonderJet!) so the watches ability to track two time zones, allows me to feel as though I'm connected to two places at once. Perhaps my superpowers are finally blossoming...

You can purchase the watch here - grab one while you can for the avid superhero fan!