Jack of all trades... 

master of none... 

Prince of Prints.. 



This week has been a long one, a few allnighters + some early mornings. But such is the #LondonLife.

Despite battling exhaustion, the week had it's high points - I received some exciting emails from a few London PR companies and then yesterday a flood of positivity arrived in my snapchat inbox via my dear friend Casie Stewart. {Look out for some exciting things to come!}

It's always amazing ( and rejuvenating!) to be recognized by those who are experts in the field. Whether it be established London PRs or Casie who has had her blog for over 10 years - which in the blogosphere is equal to forever. While chatting she brought up a good point - it may be what she is best known for, but blogging only covers about 10% of her interests and talents...

I can relate.  

Recently I left a less than positive meeting where the message to me was clear;

'you have experience in various fields but it makes it difficult for us to place you. you have to pick one thing and specialize. you can't do it all,.. '

I left that meeting with a simple, "just watch me". And now only 2 weeks later I find myself receiving daily affirmations that maybe, just maybe I can do it all (or most). 


Tyler Kenny Multi-Hyphenate 

It is so so important in today's digital age to diversify and add as many hyphens to your title as you see fit. why can't you be a director-actor-blogger-illustrator? What's wrong with being a chef who tweets and dabbles in standup comedy? 

One of my greatest takeaways over the years has been to learn as many skills as I can. The more skills you have as an entrepreneur - the less you'll have to pay someone else to do. The basics of running a business, wordpress, photoshop, illustrator & inDesign are just some of the skills I'm glad I took advantage of learning early on. 

The best thing about being a diversified multi-hyphenate is that when you walk into a meeting -no matter how many execs sit across from you - you've instantly turned your "one" voice into "many". You are now the novelist-filmmaker-tweeter with a knack for painting and that counts for a lot more. 

The other joy of being a jack of all trades is that when you're bored or overwhelmed by one task, you can simply switch to another.

On a recent hunt to Brick Lane for fabrics, vintage clothes and props for an upcoming shoot, I stumbled upon this vintage YSL blazer (pictured in this post). With the shop owner away, a small rip in the blazer and some slight discolouration - the person left in charge offered it to me for 20 pounds. It was one of those ikea "START THE CAR' moments as I took it home, mended the rip and overdyed it to one solid colour.

I can now add savvy shopper + DIYer to my ever-growing list of hyphens. I haven't yet figured out all my hyphens but that's part of the fun too. 

And just like Brick Lane Market's vast range of offerings, and this outfit's prints It is the collision of skills and  talents that make one truly unique.

You're differences and quirks are what make you - you. 

so get sharing!

The say the average Millionaire has 7 sources of income...which means I need to add about 4 more streams before the millions start flowing.

I wonder how many hyphens the average millionaire has? 


Dries Van Noten pants + shoes, J. Crew shirt , and Vintage YSL blazer.