I'm not one to trivialise something as serious as PTSD, but for the title of this post the acronym flickered into my head. Having never been to war, Post Turtleneck Stress Disorder, seemed a fitting title. You see it's been 26 years and I've just begun to embrace the powers of the turtleneck. 


Perhaps it was deep-seated memories of my grandmother forcing me to wear a (WHITE!) turtleneck under everything to keep warm in the winter, or the fact that growing up I desperately wanted a pet turtle (to no avail!) but until recently I have not been able to even look at (let alone) wear a turtle neck. 

This year everything changed, I'm not sure what clicked but alas the turtle dry spell has snapped! 

Turtlenecks in place of a dress shirt under a suit (chic a la Tom Ford), turtlenecks tucked into neoprene trousers for a smart/casual look, and turtle necks under printed dress shirts (just like grandma used to make me wear.) Once my turtle neck cherry had been popped there was really no stopping me! Whether it's a turtleneck or roll neck (the two words are often used interchangeably), the wardrobe update will add extra warmth and sartorial oomph to even simplest of looks. I've even used turtlenecks to add extra life to my favourite summer tee. 


Slim black turtleneck under a printed tee

Slim black turtleneck under a printed tee

Abovr I've rounded up some recent roll neck looks and below included some of my pics of the best on the market, at every price point. You can click each pic to shop the pieces directly.  

What is one fashion-phobia you've recently overcome?