Wear to where?

In my ongoing quest to feature and do more of "What I Love" I was lead to another issue constantly on my mind ... "What to wear - where?". 

Trivial at best - I've always said,"If your biggest issue is what to wear - then life is pretty good". But since this is my own little slice of the internet, allow me to indulge in a very serious #FirstWorldProblem plaguing the nation. 

There is a large portion of the population who seem to only wear clothes because it is generally frowned upon to be naked in public. There is another section of those who are consumed by wearing the latest, greatest etc. And of course, those that fall somewhere in between. 

If you've read this far - you probably find yourself somewhere in between caring about your physical appearance & letting it dictate your ENTIRE life. Even the most "effortless" of dressers has some vision behind their sartorial choices. 

Pierre Soulages, Untitled 1959 as seen at Phillips

My biggest problem is not "What" I'm going to wear but "Where" I am going to wear it - (and so begins a new recurring section of this site). 

It started for me when I returned to school several years ago, I'd wake up early take the GO train 45 minutes west to Oakville and then return downtown - sometimes having to head straight to an event, or social affair. I've never been the kind of person to plan an outfit the night before either. It's always got to be in the moment, reflective of my mood and with a blank slate after getting out of the shower.Planning for 12 hours and 2 or 3 outfits changes at 6 am, was something I had no choice but to get used to. 
An easy- feat for the average art student, except I was spending my days in a textile studio, dye lab, and washout sink (where I ruined countless pairs of shoes before smartening up in 3rd year).

Every once in a while Facebook's "On this Day" feature will remind me of the days I spent in a yellow Hazmat suit, face mask, ear protection and power hose washing out silk screens. 

Lately, it's a little less involved, it's mostly gallery + party hopping through London and battling the ever-changing weather (pathetic fallacy, at it's best in jolly ole' England)

I've had one or two missteps here ... showing up to what turned out to be a black-tie affair in torn jeans and a silver bomber jacket (Why didn't the PR state FORMAL dress on the invite?!) or showing up to a product launch at a warehouse full of all black wearing East-London hipsters in my colourful designer duds. 
Coasting between dress codes and navigating a new city stoked in tradition (from strict rules on men in suits, or "smart" dressing)
 I bring you Wear to Where...

The art of 9-9 [and beyond ;)] dressing is something i've got down to a science. Follow along as I share the latest in London events, what I saw +  what I wore. I promise that unlike this post - they'll be short and sweet + chock full of cool things I saw. 

Wear to Where : Mayfair

Recently I was headed to a few gallery previews, and TAPE London after work. Luckily the first stop of the night was "Phillips", just at the end of the street where I work. I changed out of my dress shirt, into a tee that could transition from a 500K a piece auction, to a East London for a magazine launch and later back to central London, for food and drinks at TAPE London. 



H&M Trend reversible bomber, Club Monaco striped tee, Club Monaco braided leather belt, Lanvin pants, Tom Dixon portfolio, Dries Van Noten shoes.

How do you deal with those 9am - 9pm days? 

/ Wishing I had that yellow Hazmat suit to get my through Day 1 of London Fashion week...