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Shooting the Scarf promo images + Fashion film "Serial Abstraction" featuring my Silk scarves ... 


Pardeep, Katerina, Kathleen, Tyler, Kehli shot by Shayne Gray

Pardeep, Katerina, Kathleen, Tyler, Kehli shot by Shayne Gray

Once the scarves were finally complete - it was time to get them photographed.

I started out by reaching out to photographer Shayne Gray -(we’d long planned to work together and now the clock was ticking) - how were we going to feature these scarves at their best?

Secondly I got a call from my friend  Sel  who's a videographer i'd worked with on some more commercial videos... she wanted to meet for coffee... 5 minutes into the meeting (discussing a fashion film we’d always discussed doing) I told her I was leaving in 19 days and if there was ever a good time to finally make that video .... this was it! 

'Oh, and I can only shoot this upcoming weekend. " I told her, before jetting off to another meeting. 

the Roof of gallery 1176 owned by my dear friend Flerida .   Photo by : Shayne Gray 

the Roof of gallery 1176 owned by my dear friend Flerida . 

Photo by : Shayne Gray 

Off I went to scout locations and meet gallery owners. Then I realized I only had one free day to complete a huge lookbook shoot and film the video. ( I had also forgotten i’d agreed to help my friends behind Quill & Tine find models so I figured why not add that to an already busy day of shooting.) 

8 models. 2 photographers. 1 videographer. 2 Make up artists. 1 Hair stylist. 3 assistants. The gallery owner and me....

Narley K goofing around on set :) 

Narley K goofing around on set :) 

it was my biggest undertaking yet (not to mention early the morning after a family wedding). but we pulled it off, without a hitch!  

Well without a hitch unless you don't count;

1) Facilitating the arrivals & transport of the team and having one bag of clothes (the most expensive pieces from Dries & Club Monaco collection) be forgotten in an Uber. Only to have to wait 2 nerve-wracking hours for the driver to return it. 

2) the fact that it was 30+ degrees  -and the a/c was broken! 

3) We survived the day by buying a portable fan, multiple cases of water and a whole lot of watermelon!

3) we shot all these looks with only 1  broken steamer. 

besides all that it was a glorious day of creativity in the heat! 



While we await the full set here are some behind the scenes shots from that day ...

(all BTS images shot by Shayne Gray) 










Creative + Fashion Direction : Tyler Kenny 

Photos : Shayne Gray

Video + Direction : Sel G

Models : 

Kehli G

Katerina Sergeeva

Pardeep Bassi 

Narley K 

Kathleen Di Mauro 

Rache H 



Hair : Christine Barbuto 

MUA : Rachel Jones (Video) 

Gelareh Kamazani 




Shot on location at Studio 1176


Special thanks to Jourdain, Nathan & Nicole