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A Cheap and Cheerful Halloween

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One of my first pieces for Hoxton Radio... here is the transcribed version.... 




It’s been a long week, and with Halloween quickly approaching - we find ourselves in a familiar position... No costume, no time and with plenty of parties to attend. 


We decided to put together a few ideas for cheap and cheerful costumes you can try out this Halloween with minimal input and maximum output. Hopefully this list will get your creative juices flowing in time to find a costume! 


  1. Very very relevant and V v simple... oversize grey turtle neck, your worst/best dance moves and a cell phone = Hotline Bling. Just please don’t call your ex around 3 am. 


2. Thanks to Ciara’s early Bday / Halloween party we have a bevy of celebrity / superhero costume inspiration! but why settle for a simple catsuit and ears when you can make a trip to your nearest costume store and purchase a white wig or can of white hairspray and go as Queen Bey. 

Are you Storm, weather Goddess?  

or are you Beyonce, Queen of Pop and R&B?

is there really any difference? 

3. Do you own anything camouflage? aviator sunglasses? an army green jacket? If you answered yes to 2 of the above, congratulations you now have your costume sorted and it didn’t cost you a thing. 


4. #TWINNING ... grab a friend or partner, put on the exact same thing and don’t leave each other’s side all night! Bonus points for channeling your favourite dancing emojis! 


5. The old standby, two holes in a white bed sheet! While this may seem like the epitome of zero-effort, this is one costume that has stood the test of time! Even Lady Gaga (famous for her elaborate costumes) donned a white sheet at a recent Halloween party. 

below a gallery of my DIY costumes from years past - Note that I dyed my hair white and wore white contacts long before Bey did.... 


(Baewatch, 80's Storm, a Giraffe. Cyclops) 

Can't wait to see what y'all dress up as! 

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