A series of Unfortunate Events


Those of you who follow me on instagram, a tiny snippet into just how crazy my last few weeks have been. Not many people can boast a lost wallet, residence permit, and temporary loss of vision in 7 days all while navigating London Fashion week, a trip to Paris and moving into a new flat. 

As awful as each instance felt at the time, (WHY me? What next?!) A part of me felt as though it needed to happen. A literal re/set button. I started March off with a sleek new wallet, fresh bank cards, a different form of ID, a temporary passport, and the keys to a new flat. 
 A cathartic cleansing, and a reminder of all the opportunities I am forever thankful for. 

After my mad dash to an emergency eye hospital, I also have a new way of seeing (literally and figuratively). While I have a few weeks of treatment left, I am focused on putting less strain on my eye - meaning - less unnecessary time in front of a glowing screen and more caution when crossing busy streets.  


Years ago London and it's eccentric fashion scene seemed a far-off dream. I never imagined I'd be at the  Christopher Kane show (with sunglasses on to shield from studio lights, and only able to see out of one eye), loving every minute but secretly wishing the show would end so I could get to a hospital and see again. 

And never did I think that only seven days later I'd be running frantically down the Champs Elysses to find the Canadian Embassy in Paris and get back to London. 


So as I pull the pieces back together, I'll leave with my latest look (this is a fashion blog after all!) , keeping it real simple. 
A logo tee, I dug out of some stored clothes... I ALWAYS knew they'd be back in style! These ASOS embroidered jeans, as the £795 Gucci pair are no longer in the budget and going for a double denim look with this minimal jean jacket from (appropriately titled) Earnest Sewn. 
Of course finishing things off with my Lanvin derby shoes, a nod to Paris - a city that despite it's bureaucracy and attempt to keep me there for an extra 5 days - I still love. 

xoxo TK