Earlier this month I was delighted to participate in an intimate afternoon ,hosted by the K Collective along with Kilan to sample both fragrance and chocolate. Myseld along with 6 members of the fashion press and influencer community were invited to sample chocolate from a French chocolatier, and see how the simplest of notes combine to form some complex scents. 

As a long time wearer of Kilian (I was first introduced to the line years ago and have been wearing it religiously since). I jumped at the chance to sample the latest fragrances and learn more about the history of the brand.  Those who know me IRL, know that my signature scent is something citrus-y (A touch of Lemon by Kilian or Hermes Pamplemousse) all year-round.

While ive been an avid wearer of their  collab with Sophie Matisse for the past two years, I was eager to learn more about the brand, and discover what else they had to offer ( a staggering number of unique scents and variations of the scents as candles for the home).  



 Their team put together an intimate afternoon of chocolate pairings, champagne and fragrance sampling that stimulating both the senses and wallets. All while remaining true to the brands ethos, sustainable luxury. I also got the chance to learn more about the sustainable aspect of the brand, green luxury. Each of their bottles was designed to place the emphasis on silhouette and to reintroduce the artistry to fragrance. Some of the bottles from the women's line, double as evening clutches and all of their fragrances are sold in refill bottles to returning customers. This means, you get one luxury glass bottle (which can come engraved with initials or a message) and later only need to pay for the fragrance to top up. 

Born into a long line of cognac makers, Kilian Hennessy, grew up sampling cognac and experiencing all that was luxury. Not one to follow in his family's footsteps he worked for perfumers including; Dior, McQueen, and Armani ... honing his craft before setting out to launch his own namesake fragrance. Marrying luxury with an expertise in natural scents, the By Kilian brand was born. 

You can check out the Kilian boutique in Burlington Arcade, Mayfair here