Before I left for London, my mother had one piece of advice she was adamant I adhere to, "Don't eat in your room alone - cause you know how you are ... you're a choker!". My mother was, of course referring to the fact that about once every few weeks, I would choke on something while eating. It's been happening to me for years (at school, at work, family dinners, dates). I've had strangers give me the Heimlich in a restaurant and I've had co-workers run away in fear as I violently motion for help. I should probably have this seen to - but nevertheless I haven't been able to follow my mother's advice. You see when I arrived in London, I found myself sans Heimlich helper and flatmate. 

Living alone and cooking alone I find myself taking extra care with the meals I prepare and enjoy. So as sit here waiting for paint to dry - Seriously... I've got two giant paper rolls stretched the length of my flat waiting for a second coat - All this for a DIY abstract photoshoot backdrop.

I figured I could share some of my culinary conquests with y'all here. 

In a section, I've titled "Cooking for one"  ... because "Budget Gourmet" was too in-your-face and "Trying not to choke on meat" could be perceived as very in your face. 

My cooking style is a mix of 2 parts. 


1 part - Only the finest, freshest ingredients and making sure each plate is alive with flavours, colour and a little experimentation.


1 part - How quickly is this ribeye going to unthaw and I guess I'll just cook everything in my fucking crisper because some of it is starting to look questionable... 


The #LondonLife would have you going grocery shopping every day with their lack of preservatives and eggs stored on the counter. I'm used to my North American produce which will last for 3 weeks, not 3 days. I'm also not used to grocery shopping every 2 days.

I'll be sharing more of my cooking influences and dishes; like this one - which was a 20 minute meal made for under £ 10 (including the fresh noodles, parm Reggiano + piccolo cheese!) 


God bless the Tesco Express under my flat!