The phrases "Green with Envy" or "Jealousy isn't a good colour on you" gets thrown around often around these parts. We all want something the other has... but I say there's absolutely nothing wrong with being jealous. In fact, I think it's quite healthy.

I'm pausing here for dramatic effect & to let you catch your breath. As I'm sure like most people, you've been conditioned to think of jealousy as a horrible one-eyed monster (And we have Shakespeare's Othello to thank for that). When I first uttered the phrase "There's nothing wrong with jealousy - I get jealous all the time" to my mother she was taken aback. It was the same reaction I got one early morning at work when I told one of my closest friends - he quickly blurted out, 

"I just can't imagine Tyler Kenny being jealous! who could you possibly be jealous of?"

Lots of things and lots of people! Jealousy is perfectly natural in my books - I told him then and I'm telling you now. I'm obviously not talking about that time when your Tinder date spent way too long talking to the waiter (ahem*).

In all seriousness, I think there is a huge difference between jealousy and envy. While the two may be interchangeable in a sentence (complex word choices people!), when we are talking specifics envy has a much more negative connotation.

I certainly don't covet my colleagues Celine bag and would never wish them harm. 

The jealousy I speak of is all too common in the circles I run in.  Of course, I've been afforded opportunities which have surely made others jealous but for once I'm talking about someone other than myself... 

'so and so is working here now ... " 
"so and so is off in ____ for a special project" 

Would I like those opportunities? Yes, I would. 

Does wanting them mean I want my friends to not have them? Absolutely not.

I celebrate all my friends successes as if they were my own. And believe me - I have a lot of friends and family who are very successful in their chosen fields. This could be why green is my favourite colour. 

"Jealousy" only fuels a desire to work harder. To me jealousy is amongst the most natural human emotions. Just like being nervous or stressed before a big milestone - being jealous only means that you care. 


So now on the topic of jealousy ... enjoy some photos of me in my favourite designer goodies that are conveniently and covetable-y green... 


“Rocking Lanvin hightops, Club Monaco denim + belt, H&M suede vest + jumper, Bottega Veneta portfolio, J. Crew handcuff bracelets, Links of London sweetie + friendship bracelets