They say customization is key... so when I sat down to give a little refresh I knew there only one way to go. Fresh off designing our joint engagement Tyler and site, I was feeling particularly adept. 

Customization has been a buzzword in the fashion industry since Nike launched it en masse 20 years ago... now you can monogram your LV tote and embellish your Gucci with initials and emblems. It's a great way to ensure your style is entirely 'unique' and a great way for retailers to ensure profits with a fool-proof no buyers remorse return policy on custom items. 


In the hands of those who aren't purchasing but are instead being gifted, it's a great opportunity to co-create. I have given this opportunity a few months ago with Gola, the British sports company who's been in the biz for over a 100 years. One rainy autumn morning I headed out for brunch, with the promise of getting to design my own Gola Redford bag. Prior to the event, I spent some time thinking about what colour bags I had, what I felt was missing from my wardrobe and what direction I'd like my clothes to take me in next season (when the bag would arrive). Trend forecasting was one of my favourite uni courses, so any excuse to make a mental moodboard/colour palette will be taken! I landed on a somewhat Lanvin inspired techno-future look in neoprene and metallic calf-leather in a colour palette of teal and copper. 
Even the designer who sat with me as I leafed through swatches and picked colours asked me if I was sure, but I knew what I wanted.
Fast forward a few months and it's become a great carry-on travel companion. The pop teal colour has complimented the spring palette of whites, yellows and purples. Whilst the neoprene has kept the vintage style from appearing dated. 

I'm looking forward to more customization, whether it be in blog form or DIYs at home (putting my textile design schooling to use) and I'm also looking forward to more regular posting. 2018 is shaping up to be real busy! 


Gola bag and shoes, Harris Tweed trousers, H&M Turtleneck tee, Garrett Leight glasses   

Gola bag and shoes, Harris Tweed trousers, H&M Turtleneck tee, Garrett Leight glasses