The essence of Italy
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Acqua Di Parma 

There is something magical about Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo fragrances, perhaps it's the perfect blue of the bottle (mimicking the sea) or the striking yellow of the packaging (the sun perhaps?). When I worked at Holts year ago, and looked after the fragrance department - I would always spend extra time with the Acqua Blu Mediterraneo boxes, debating between Capri or Amalfi as my destination and scent of choice. 

Bottles and boxes aside I now know the allure of this brand is the way the scent is able to transport you to your favourite Italian island in the Mediterranean. When I was invited to their launch event in London, I got the chance to experience this firsthand. Converting a 3- floor event space in Soho, into an Italian villa complete with cafe, hand massages and the opportunity to send postcards from the Amalfi. 



The new scent was also there too - Chinotto di Liguria. Named after the small citrus fruit from the coastal region of Liguria. The fragrance has all the fizz and warmth of a zesty aperitif. My ideal cologne is one that has a slight hint of alcoholic beverage (has he or hasn't he?) and a heavy hit of citrus. My signature scents are Hermes Eau de Pamplemousse or Kilian Straight to Heaven and I'm excited to add this one from Acqua Di Parma to my repertoire. 
The chinotto fruit combines with mandarin to give it a real citrus punch which is tempered by spicy notes of cardamon and grounded by rosemary and musk. These elements combine with a unique intensity, which mimics the feeling one gets on hazy nights on the Amalfi Coast with the days heat radiating well past sun down. 

The Chinotto di Liguria is the only fragrance currently on the market to use the namesake fruit which makes for an exclusive scent that can be worn by both men and women. 
Naturally, I took it with me on a trip to Italy and have been wearing it ever-since I've gotten back to London.