As my days get longer, it seems my posts get shorter and shorter. Settling into my new 9-5 means I’m now spending a lot more time cranking out content daily, so coming home to get back in front of a computer and write some more, is a little … tricky! But I haven’t forgotten about my own tiny slice of the internet here, or my reader’s! For the next little bit, I’ll be testing out some new formats (do we want bite size or a blog blitz?), keeping you up to date with style and surroundings whilst figuring out which exciting parts of my new job I’m allowed to share.


For this week’s dispatch, I’m taking it back to the Eat, Shop, Play format I’ve used when writing for other outlets. 



A departure from the usual fine dining and gourmet fare I discuss on here comes the budget friendly, popcorn from Ten Acre. The story is this: my old job had a popcorn machine in the lunchroom, and most days I’d pop down after lunch and make a giant bowl. Popcorn being the perfect snack as it makes you feel full - yet is super healthy and light - it was the best thing to tide me over before heading home or off to an event. Well, my new job came sans popcorn machine, and I didn’t feel it appropriate to bring in my own. I think I was commiserating over this on twitter when one of my dear PR friends asked for my address and popped (sorry!) the entire Ten Acre assortment in the post. Arriving in a giant box, carefully filled with paper hay, I was the hit of my next few meetings as I arrived with bags of popcorn in unusual flavours like Lime & Sea Salt, wasabi and Cappuccino. I’ve still got a few bags hidden away under my desk, for when that 3 pm wall hits. Whether you’re into sweet, salty or just plain fun flavours you should definitely check out Ten Acre. They also all come with quirky names like “Aunty Winifred’s Sweet and Salty’ or ‘Lucia Popperly’ so deciding on a flavour is half the fun! Best of all the popcorn was allergen free (yay no 'may contain peanuts'), gluten free, even certified Kosher. Good news for those with dietary concerns or allergies like me!




Second on the docket is the launch collection from Bennett Winch. The new luxury bag brand had their first ever press day at His Soho. I could wax poetic about the amazing food I sampled there (steak frites & squash risotto) I’ve already pledged my allegiance to all things popped corn. 
Ahead of Pitti next month, the boys of Bennett Winch decided to host their first press day in their native London. The edit is comprised of four bags (weekender, commuter, backpack, and tote) primarily made in canvas (with italian leather launching alongside Pitti) all in subdued shades of brown, green and black. I’ll be interviewing the guys for a feature over on Candid Magazine so don’t want to give too much away here :) 



I have been to the Saatchi Gallery 3 times since moving to London. The first time was for Chanel’s landmark exhibition which I wrote about here. The second was for my first ever international trade show,   Scoop and the third time was last week for  “From Selfie to Self-Expression” by Huawei. Like the Chanel show before it, this is a corporate sponsored exhibition which is so far removed from the heavily branded content you’d come to expect. It was a multi-floor milt-sensory experience which allowed you to ‘like’ famous paintings, a clever nod to how we’ll likely consume culture in the future. In other gallery rooms, there were living ‘selfie’ walls and abstract sculptures. I was particularly taken with the mirror sculpture, and my own mini ‘selfie’ moment given that the Met Gala was still fresh in my mind. Elsewhere you could trace the evolution from self-portrait via Andy Warhol, Basquiat and other notable artists to those less artistically inclined yet still part of the zeitgeist, Donald Trump and selfie-queen Kim K. The exhibition is on for a few more weeks so go go go!


What I'm wearing : Topman blazer / Comme Des Garçons shirt / Dries van noten sweater, trousers and shoes / Nella Bella bag