In a world where we are inundated with imagery, emerging trends and seemingly non-stop emails from our favourite e-commerce retailers, Personal style is at it's most important. Knowing (and owning) one's personal style comes with age, but with age also comes an increase in income. That extra cash in one's pocket may lead to getting in on passing fads or worse ending up in clothes that "wear you". Discovering the elements that make up your style means you'll be steadfast when faced with that flashy new trend-report from your favourite online retailer, conveniently emailed to you each morning. 

 I've been away from the blog for awhile but wanted to ease back into things by breaking down my latest look and sartorial DNA, all while helping you lock in your own personal style or P.S in 3 easy steps! While the look is almost devoid of pattern and a departure from the usual #PrintOnPrint there is something quintessentially TK about it...



1. Elevate the Essentials


Here a bomber and pair of desert boots get an update in the form of an unexpected hue, Brick for the bomber and rust for the shoes mean these menswear staples are anything but basic. Elsewhere a classic combo like a white shirt and blue jeans get remixed. The white Etro shirt gets a luxe update in a subtle white-on-white check while below the belt things get interesting with an oversized fit, rips and contrasting hem. These jeans from ASOS (which were a steal!)  have become a wardrobe staple proving that you don't always have to spend a lot to get something special!  Little nuances like a printed neckerchief and stacks of Links of London bracelet make for details worth remembering. 



2. The art of Layering


One of the similarities between living in Toronto and the #LondonLife is that the weather can change by the hour. I've recently had the experience of sweating it out on a sunday afternoon in the park only to find myself bundling up to get to dinner later in the eve. Often a change in office A/C or an over zealous Uber driver can lead your internal thermometer off the scale. This is why I recommend always layering. Thankfully I had the Art of Layering drilled into my head during my early years working at Club Monaco. It was here that I was taught (brainwashed?) into thinking that an outfit was not complete unless there was a minimum of 3 articles of clothing (excluding shoes). This means that in addition to a shirt one must always be wearing a cardigan, vest, or even scarf. Bonus points were given here for accessories and multi-layered looks. Learn the art of layering and learn it well - it adds dimension to your looks and will ensure that climate change (or worse) the Fashion Police never get the best of you! 


3. know YOUR colours


Having built a wardrobe on prints and statement pieces, it was necessary for me to pick some grounding neutrals. This is why I stick with blues and greys for wardrobe basics and am rarely seen in head-to-toe black. While the look pictured here is a departure from my usual #MondayBlues the brick coloured bomber and rust boots are pared back a navy printed bandana, blue braided belt and jeans in 2 shades of blue. Knowing which colours work for you (and more importantly which don't!) will work wonders when getting dressed. A wardrobe of complimentary colours is as close to uniform dressing as I'll get! 

What is Your Personal Style?


Wearing : Topman bomber and bandana // Etro shirt // ASOS jeans // Club Monaco belt // Links of London bracelets // Frank Wright boots 

Shot by Rowben Lantion