Late last year I was invited to a Blogger breakfast with Gola Classics. Hosted at Caravan King's Cross, it was a really great morning spent meeting bloggers from all over whilst enjoying an excellent breakfast. In addition to the new friends and food, we all had the chance to design a custom pair of the Gola Classic. 
Just as I'd finished my mushroom omelette, smoked salmon and fresh grapefruit juice - I was passed a rather large book of fabric samples. 

I was immediately drawn to a dusty rose lamb leather sample... Perhaps it was all the pink grapefruit or maybe that I was fresh from working on upcoming men's trend reports. Whilst the majority of those around me were being quite practical in their choices, think lots of black or plain white - I decided that if I was going custom I should have some fun. With no pink shoes in my wardrobe, I set out to make a pair I could dress up or down. 
Crafted in super soft lamb's leather, I added a chalk stripe grey suiting fabric to contrast - lest my "all pink" shoe err on the side of overtly feminine. 

Fast forward to the shoe's arriving a few weeks ago, and I was through the roof. It seems I'd subconsciously been building my spring wardrobe around the winning combination of grey and pink. There was my new flak jacket from ASOS as well a Harris Tweed 3-piece suit in grey check which would perfectly showcase the trainers dress up/ dress down factor. 

When it came time to shoot the new kicks, there was only one location to choose... back to square one at King's Cross where they were created. 


Check out Gola's full range of trainers here, and shop my ASOS oversized parka + Harris tweed trousers here and here


Photos by : Rowben Lantion