The Perfect Party Shirt w/ MR PORTER


Summer is one of my favourite times of year - the weather is warm, the nights are long and there is a real sense of spontaneity in the air. Perhaps you’ll hop on a flight for a weekend city-break or maybe you’re just up for mixing some cocktails. 

One of the joys of living in close proximity to my friends in London is that on any given weekend a simple text can quickly turn into a night for the books. It’s always a delight to host friends, and one of my joys comes from always ‘Doing the Most.’

As someone whose job is to plan and strategize, even my most impromptu nights come with a side of forethought. Whether it’s an artfully curated playlist, the opportunity to debut my latest shopping acquisition - or in this case BOTH!



The Perfect Party Shirt 


Every good idea has to start somewhere, and when I thought about hosting a Tyler Kenny style summer party - this Gucci shirt was all the inspiration I needed. From its revere collar, retro printed vibe and luxurious silk drape it exudes the kind of nonchalance you only find deep in the Mediterranean. A colour pop of red, sparse floral motif and slightly oversized fit keep the shirt modern and surprisingly easy to pair with. I opted for white denim to really bring home the Amalfi coast vibes, but have also worn it to the office with black trousers with much aplomb! It is definitely a HERO piece from one of the hottest brands on the planet - sure to get you noticed! 


The Ideal Cocktail

The most important thing I’ve learnt from years of working and attending events... always has a signature cocktail. Better yet, a welcome drink, to break the ice and make that first decision for your guests. In the spirit of doing the absolute most, I decided I needed a welcome drink to match my shirt. I knew we needed an Italian influence, I knew we needed Campari and that was the end of what I knew. So in the interest of perfection, I enlisted the help of my friend Kelly from the Kitchen Social to mix up the perfect drink a la Gucci. 


a Zesty Summer Cocktail

Campari and Blood Orange Spritz

with Coriander and Orange Blossom.


  • Campari 60ml
  • Blood Orange Juice 80ml
  • Coriander and Orange blossom syrup 20ml
  • Prosecco to finish and lots of ice
  • Dehydrated Orange slices and Rosemary spring to garnish

Using a highball glass, pour in the Campari, Blood Orange Juice and Prosecco. Then pour in the Coriander and Orange Blossom syrup and stir well. Then fill with ice and garnish with some dehydrated orange slices and a sprig of rosemary.

How to make a quick Quick Coriander and Orange Blossom Syrup.


2 Tablespoons Coriander Seeds

2 Tablespoons orange blossom water

1 cups water

2 cups granulated sugar




  1. Heat the water in a small saucepan over medium-low heat until hot, but do not bring to a boil.
  2. Stir in the sugar, coriander seeds and orange blossom water: stir until fully dissolved. Cool and store in the fridge overnight.
  3. The next day, pour the syrup mix through a sieve and discard the coriander seeds. Saving your spiced syrup mixture in an airtight container, for when ready to use (will last up to 3 weeks).

3. A Banging Playlist 


Second, only to libations come the party vibrations. I’ve seen many a party go downhill thanks to some ill-advised music choices. I’m pretty open when it comes to music, just don’t be that guy who gets out the acoustic guitar - no one likes that guy. The perfect party playlist should cover off a few genres with a little something for everyone. I am a big fan of ending the night in an all-out dance party. But until that a for the senses mix. Sit back with a zesty summer cocktail and smooth rare grooves and jazz playlist to match. Enjoy, sip and play. 


Outfit - Gucci Shirt, Dries Van Noten shoes Via MR PORTER 

Photos - Rowben Lantion

Cocktail + Playlist - The Kitchen Social

Homeware - Rockett St. George

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by MR PORTER but the views expressed are my own.