Erdem x H&M

little known-fact about me - I got my 'start' in the wide world of 'Fashion' working for H&M at the age of 16... It was there that I learned to fold shirts (a skill I've since lost) and dress mannequins. 

H&M was the cool new thing in Canada, and the hiring process would more closely resemble a Soho House application in 2017. Needless to say I was honoured to be a (working) member of this 'exclusive' club. 

Once a year things got even more exclusive as H&M announced it's Designer collaborator for the year, with a massive marketing push and qeues which stretched for miles. Consumers lined up in the cold to get their hands on an special piece from their favourite designers - most of which were only aspirational before the days of H&M designer collabs. There was Roberto Cavalli, Comme Des garcons and Lanvin in the old days... pieces I still have today which when combined with the real deal are almost indistinguishable. 

My days of folding shirts, lining up for clothes (or iPhones) are long over... but whenever a designer collab drops I make it a point to pop into the shops in the days following to see if anything's been returned or missed. 

I was delighted to find some bits from the Erdem x H&M collection (his first time designing menswear). As a fellow Canadian living in Britain I can't help but feel a sense of connection with Erdem. His penchant for punchy florals mixed with military details and oversized knits doesn't hurt either. 


Wearing: Erdem x HM jumper, H&M Studio A/W 17 Trousers, Excelsior Shoes, Dior So Real Shades